Natural Gas LPG Gas Alarm Device


Natural Gas LPG Gas Alarm Device

ESKA EAC model gas alarm device is an A type device which complies with the EN 50194-1 standard. EAC is  designed to be used at homes, offices and similar places to detect the explosive gases (natural gas and LPG). It is an electrical alarm device constantly working, set on a stable place and creates an output signal that activates the stopper and/or auxiliary devices with a visual and audio warnings. It works with 230V AC 50/60 Hz network voltage.


  • UsageHome, Office etc.
  • Detects GasesMethane (natural gas), LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)
  • Device TypeType A (visual alarm, audible alarm and output signal)
  • Operating Voltage230V AC 50‐60 Hz ; ± %10
  • Power Consumption3VA
  • Protection ClassIPX2D
  • OutputSignal (relay contact)230V AC / 7A (normally open)
  • SensorTypeSemiconductor
  • Calibration Time1 minute
  • Response Time30 seconds
  • Sound Intensity85Db
  • Body MaterialABS
  • Ambient Temperature Range‐10°C up to 50°C
  • Operating Humidity10%–90%
  • Visual WarningGreen-System Enabled Error Yellow, Red-Alarm
  • Accordingto Directives2006/95/EC, 89/336/EC
  • Accordingto StandardsEN 50194‐1, EN 50270, EN 60335‐1

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